Customized Trust Badges for Peer to Peer Exchanges
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Driving Trust Through Transparency for the Sharing Economy

Facilitating Trust In Peer to Peer Exchanges

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EarlyIQ's X-Ray Service allows P2P platforms to offer transparency while maintaining user privacy.


Trust and transparancy are increasingly important in the P2P transportation industry. But how do you facilitate trust while maintianing driver privacy? Let EarlyIQ's X-Ray Service do the work for you. The X-Ray Trustmark can be customized to inculde an array of verification data including criminal background, sex offender and DUIs, giving your users a level trust and comfort knowing that diligence has been performed.


Home and room rental services are growing at a rapid rate, and trust on both sides can be an issue. The X-Ray Trustmark can overcome this. Property owners can confirm property ownership and show clear criminal backgorounds to alleviate fears of short-term rental fraud. Renters can use their personal X-Ray Trustmark to confirm their identity, gender, US residency, clear criminal and sex offender backgrounds and more.

Social Meetup Sites

Whether for social gatherings or dating, social meetup sites can increase trust by using the X-Ray Trustmark. X-Ray services can be custom configured to include a variety of criteria. In the simplest form, X-Ray can verify identity to ensure users are who they say they are and their identity is not fraudulent. More in-depth solutions can include a confirmation of age range, gender, net worth as well as a clean criminal and sex offender backgrounds. 


P2P exchanges cover a wide variety of services - from home repair to running errands and everything in-between. One of the biggest challenges for growth in this area is facilitating trust. Does the service provider have a criminal record? Are they licensed? Are they a registered sex offender? The X-Ray Trustmark can alleviate these fears and others as well as drive increased participation in your P2P service exchanges.

Trust is Essential For All Participants in the Sharing Economy

69% of Adults Say They Are Concerned About Putting Their Trust in Peer to Peer Services*


Ready to tackle the Issue of Trust Head-on?

X-Ray Enables Trust While Allowing User Privacy for All Participants in the Sharing Economy.



*PwC Research 4/2015




Simple and Flexible Verification Services with Integrated and Automated Utilities
Powerful Features

All X-Ray Services deployments include these powerful features, each designed to simplify and provide secure visibility with integrated, automated utilities. Now providing trust and transparency is easier than ever.

Co-Branded/White Label
Your Company Brand 

Customize the X-Ray Trustmark with your brand. Go for a quick and easy co-branded solution or integrate with our complete white label experience. Either way, you can configure your X-Ray Trustmark to include only the elements that are relevant to your industry. 

Identity Confirmation
Start With Trust

Know exactly who you are working with. All X-Ray Trustmarks begin with an integrated, 2-step positive identity confirmation.

Fraud Resistant Badges
Maintain Control

The X-Ray Trustmark Badge is dynamically generated every time it is viewed. In order to mitigate fraud,the badge cannot be copied, altered or tampered. Additionally, the company initiating the X-Ray Trustmark badge maintains control over the badge visibility and can instantly turn the badge off at any time if needed.

100% Hosted
Available Anywhere, Anytime

Our hosted platform is available to both you and your users from anywhere, anytime. There is no software to install and no technical resources required to implement your X-Ray Trustmark.



Full Dashboard Control
Easily Manage and Track

See at a glance all X-Ray Trustmarks you have commissioned and their status.



Accurate Results
Built on Solid Data

Our X-Ray Trustmark triangulates the data we receive with the individual’s declared background to ensure their badge is accurate and thorough.



Facilitate Trust

Ensure Privacy

X-Ray Trustmark Badges Available for Platforms, Businesses, Individuals and Custom Deployments

X-Ray Drives Trust Through Transparency

All participants of the sharing economy can benefit by increasing the level of trust.

Drive Usage

Increase acceptance of your platform and facilitate trust by creating a minimum verification standard for participants. Customize your own standards. All X-Ray Trustmark Services begin with Identity Verification to mitigate identity fraud. Choose from a  variety of areas such as residency, criminal history, DUI, education, sex offender, income, property ownership, trade licenses, etc. You choose what works for your platform.

Increase Sales

Whether you are a handyman or a  house cleaner,  have a vacation home rental or just renting your couch, our X-Ray Trustmark can instantly boost your online reputation. Potential clients will feel more comfortable knowing your identity has been verified and your background is clear of fraud and violent crimes. You can customize your X-Ray Trustmark to include other variables that may be important to your business such as education or trade license verification.

Get Taken Seriously

Renting a vacation home? Going on a date? Hosting a Social Meet Up? Or, do you just need to crash on a couch? With an X-Ray Trustmark, your identity will be confirmed and background history checked for fraud and violent crimes. Transactions are easier when they start in a place of trust.

Start Simply or perform a thorough check. All X-ray's Trustmarks start with Identity Verification, so you can be certain who you are working with. Additional levels of verification can be added. Platforms can configure their own custom X-Ray Trustmark or go with one of our standard solutions.

X-Ray Offers Trust Badges for the Sharing Economy

Verification Services have Never Been Easier for Individuals and Companies.


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